Ingenuity, Heresy, Artistry matter.
They matter because …
How do you know when you've crossed that line?
  • Are you stuck, frustrated and flummoxed?
  • "All you're trying to do" is to get people to think and behave differently?
  • Have you analysed and workshopped your team senseless, but the problem is still as blurry as a picture of Bigfoot?
  • Is it just damned unreasonable?
What do I do?
I am a creative strategist who gets hired to help companies think very differently about the messy, wicked problems they have. These might be large logistics projects that are derailing, anything to do with innovation or culture, issues such as branding or diversity, or basically any time there are a bunch of people butting up against each other and their systems trying to get something useful done, or trying to find a new way to be and think. 
Happily, I don't do:
What people say: