Work with me


I have a number of off-the shelf courses that I run either as open public courses, directly with companies or through Macquarie Graduate School of Management. I also create and tailor courses to suit ad hoc company needs, such as the Customer Conversations course I developed for CSIRO and the Mavericks program for Bayer.


Your mess is my idea of fun. Because in every wicked mess lies a cornucopia of opportunity.

When all the consulting jargon is stripped away, I help people and companies think differently about their very messy problems – either by doing, thinking, coaching or teaching. So if you're looking for a clear strategic direction, have messy problems with lots of conflicting stakeholders, need to be more innovative, change culture, change behaviour, get traction, save a derailing project, define your brand and values or just get a new perspective on things, I'd love to help.


I speak on Wicked Problems, Design Thinking, and aspects of the creative process and approach that impact the business results you want to achieve. All presentations are energetic, engaging and interactive. They don’t just deliver information – they are designed to provide an experience that embeds the learnings in a lasting and memorable way. I adapt each presentation to incorporate specific contexts and information, so they can be used to enhance or reinforce existing innovation, culture, change, leadership or engagement programs.

I tailor every presentation to your audience, your theme and your outcomes so that it has the most impact it can have.