Mo’s talent is to see beyond the mechanics, to what’s valuable, what makes a company tick. She asked questions that we hadn’t thought to ask, which gave us new insights into our company, our culture, our relationships with our clients, and into the nature of our business. We are making better decisions. We trust her, and can’t wait to work with her again.
Scott Porter 
CEO, BlueArc Group

Forests and trees at ninety degrees

The thing we forget (or deny) about business is that it is inherently messy. And the more you are trying to do something that your business hasn't done before, the messier it gets. Maybe you're genuinely trying to be more customer centric. Or you want to restructure a service or a department or even the whole company. Get your people to be more innovative. Articulate a vision of what you do that people really want to be a part of. Grow, scale, diversify, partner, redefine, redirect, connect... or just get stuff done that should be soooo much easier than it seems to be.

The issue isn't the mess itself—the mess is where the juice is. The issue is in how you and your people deal with the mess. How well you surf it instead of either sweeping it under the mat or trying to tidy it up. How well you can define and communicate where you want to go and why that matters, how well you can inspire people to follow you into the ambiguity, and how safe you can make them feel in the process so that they can get on with what they need to do. And the only thing that's certain is that a one-size-fits-all process or Surefire Seven Step Formula isn't going to work. No matter who came up with it.

To navigate that vision or mess effectively means you need to be able to look at it clearly and simultaneously see both the forest AND the trees, as well as the clearly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty. To then turn the whole thing on its side for an entirely different view again and get a whole bunch of busy people with their own agendas and viewpoints to do the same. Which can feel nigh-on impossible if you have your head buried in the day-to-day.

Growing your business, navigating a frustrating conundrum or shifting gears in your career requires a different mindset than maintaining business as usual. Success creates complexity. And applying your expertise to your own business (let alone life) can seem ironically impossible.

I love helping businesses navigate their messes to create something brilliant. (Much better than working with my own messes.) So 
  • If you’ve tried everything but can’t get traction
  • If you want to change direction but are not sure how or where to
  • If the problem that seemed so straightforward is growing more messy and wicked every time you look at it
  • If you, your people or your company need to be more innovative or do things differently 
  • Or If you just want to get a different perspective on things, 
Give me a call. It sounds like my kind of fun. 

Mo has a magnificent ability to unlock and inspire creativity, strategic thought and unity in a team. Recently, Mo facilitated our communications planning day and took us on a journey through our biggest challenges and helped us piece together strategies that are helping us improve our business. Even greater than this, Mo helped us look closely at our own strengths and weaknesses and gave us the courage to use our natural abilities to improve our work and make us a more united team. Mo is great fun to work with and we are grateful for her continued engagement and support.
Sheena Ireland 
Director Stakeholder Relations, Australian Research Council
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