The Official Version

Mo Fox is a creative strategist and true hybrid thinker; an accomplished artist with an extensive corporate background in advertising and strategy who consults, speaks, writes and runs courses in the area of wicked problems, creativity and design thinking. Her eclectic background means she thrives on combining structured analytical thinking with free-form creativity to get sharper, faster, stickier results. She has worked across a wide range of industries here and in the UK, with companies as varied as IAG, Elsevier, SAP and CSIRO and is known for her ability to navigate wicked problems, manage messy stakeholder situations and generate innovative ideas in a short space of time – always engaging people in the process.

Mo teaches courses in Design Thinking as well as Navigating Wicked Problems and Ambiguity at business school (MGSM). She works extensively with design thinking and is the creator of Welcome to Wicked™ and Studio Thinking®, methodologies that fuse art principles with business strategy to achieve commercial business results by teaching people how to think differently and leverage their innate creativity – the secret to having a true competitive edge.

Mo's Version

What’s a hybrid thinker? Someone who’s interested in almost everything, skilful in a range of different areas and subjects, and is fascinated by how it all connects and what makes it tick. A one-stop diversity shop.

Building on an education in humanities, I ‘grew up’ in an advertising industry when rigorous strategic training was the norm, then spent the last decade taking those skills to a whole new level or five as a practicing artist and independent consultant. During that time I’ve been on agency executive committees, been a GAD, run a planning department, managed teams, created new agency models, worked client-side, built a successful business from scratch, worked with a gamut of industries, designed and published a book based on an original body of work and my own art, become an accomplished artist in a number of different mediums, trained companies in design thinking, strategic thinking, communication, presentation, negotiation and influence skills, spoken at creative conferences and taught business executives how to think innovatively and to be comfortable with complexity and ambiguity.
Professional obsessions? Great thinking. The role of art and the creative process in business. Culture, strategy, insight and ideas that work and engage people. Particularly insight. I love wicked problems--the messier the better. Tangled knots that need unravelling then knitting into new forms, finding meaning in the seemingly unrelated. That’s pretty much what I get hired to do and teach, and is the raison d’être for the IP I develop.

Hence Welcome to Wicked™ and Studio Thinking® – designed to teach the secrets of artistry to business executives. Why? Because it works. Because it brings play and creativity back into overly sombre territory of business strategy. And because teaching people how to see, think and solve problems like an artist is a fast, elegant way for them to harness their innate creativity and ingenuity; and that’s the secret not just to loving what they do but the essence of powerful competitive edge.

The human interest bit...

Home is Sydney’s northern beaches where I live with my wise but domestically useless dog Cosmo. I'm a bit of a workaholic, but I'm getting better at making creative and recovery time a priority (yeah, yeah, actually practicing what I preach, whod've thought). This is getting easier though since my work projects are increasingly art and creatively driven. Collage and making books are current obsessions as you can see from the site, though I have my eye on ceramics and bass guitar next. And as the kids leave the nest and the house gradually morphs into one big studio, I've noticed that the books appear to have been given a licence to breed. Surely if they're stacked next to you long enough you absorb the contents by osmosis?

I am susceptible to sunset margaritas, red wine, good food (especially cooked by someone else) and excellent conversation.

And if you've worked out how to get a dog to vacuum, I'm all ears.