Mo has a rare combination of creative genius and business skills which makes her a natural design thinker. I’ve learnt a huge amount from Mo both in regards to Design Thinking and facilitation – but the highlight has been “Wicked Problems & Ambiguity” at Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Great course with life-long learnings in it for both business and personal life. Fantastic design thinking practitioner and instructor. 
Rowena Westphalen 
Senior Director, Global Presales, Design Thinking at SAP
Intangibles such as handling ambiguity, creativity, culture, engagement and relationship have more impact on the bottom line than traditional ‘tangible’ business metrics. Learning agility determines success. Acquiring these skills is no longer optional. The only question is how to go about it… According to Lominger/Korn Ferry: “70% of high performers lack what is needed to be successful in future roles… key competencies that can make your organisation unique and drive a competitive edge difference if a critical mass of your top and aspiring executives had them… Dealing with Ambiguity, Creativity, Innovation Management, Strategic Agility… (and) Managing Vision and Purpose”.

These highly experiential programs go beyond standard strategic and creative thinking tools to the root cause of why roughly 80% of all change programs, innovations and businesses fail. They are each designed to rapidly change the way you see the world you live in and the conundrums you are dealing with, to both shift your mindset and to provide you with a set of tools and approaches you can apply immediately and to great effect.

Design Thinking Course

Design Thinking Client Case Study Testimonial

Wicked Problems Course

Learning how to unlock fuzzy problems and be effective in the fog.
A powerful, creative and human-centred approach to solving wicked problems and creating valuable and viable innovation.
Going from strategic and creative thinking to personal artistry.
Connecting with your customers to have better business, discovery and sales conversations.