Mo has the rare talent of being able to take someone’s Intellectual Property, pull it apart then put it back together in a way that has both greater simplicity and depth than it did. Her ability to work visually, see underlying patterns and identify processes helped us develop a ‘kick-arse’ model that explains what I do and why it’s so valuable. I finally I get the value I offer! 
Suzanne Mercier 
Director, Purpose to Profit

How do you shift gears in your career?

First by being understood. Then by being challenged. Then by being supported.

Challenged about your assumptions and conclusions, supported in how best to act so you can leverage your strengths and skills beyond anything you've accomplished before.

Mo doesn't use a standard coaching model. There are no manuals or formulas or set programs. Everything is tailored to your needs on an ad hoc basis, based on an understanding of what makes you unique. You may just need a sounding board. You may want to totally reinvent yourself. You may just want to sharpen your IP and how you position and communicate it.

It's a holistic approach based on insight and great depth of experience. It's not for everyone. But if you think it might be for you, give Mo a call to see how she can help.

Focus areas:
  • Identifying what makes you unique. Who you are and why you're here
  • Using these insights to find the killer angle that enables you to best position yourself and your personal brand to ensure you stand out by being true to who you are
  • Challenging the assumptions you don't even realise you have that are holding you back
  • Being a sounding board and mini think-tank for the projects you're working on
  • Developing clear models that showcase your IP and make your ideas more effective Creating a marketing, branding or sales collateral map: identifying the holes and how to fill them
  • Making sure your communication and presentation style fits your new positioning
  • Defining a sales process and pitch that fits your strategies, based on all of the above Giving you shortcuts and models to make the whole thing easier and faster.
Coaching consultations are available as one-offs or six session packages, or as part of consulting packages and retainers.