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A Heard of Elephants: Managing Gnarly Stakeholder Issues

do a lot of stakeholder management, either building teams, helping to change how organisations work, or getting conflicting groups to collaborate. And it’s staggering how often the agenda and subsequent outcome of the initiative is driven, not by the leaders, but by the elephants in the room. The inconvenient, invisible and usually surly metaphorical pachyderms that people know are there, but aren’t willing to deal with. But you have to. In fact, if you want to do this well, start with the elephants.
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When Design Thinking Doesn’t Stick

Much of what I do involves design thinking, whether I’m teaching it at business school or practicing it inside companies, helping them use it either as part of a project or helping them change their creative DNA and “way of doing things”. And for all the universal appeal of it being a proven process, legitimised…
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Warped Thinking

I  am totally, tragically addicted to WordWarp. It looks harmless enough. Basic anagram game App: 6 scrambled letters, a list of blank word spaces, 2 minutes, go.  If you don’t get the 6 letter word, it’s all over red rover. If you do, you go onto the next level and your score accumulates. SO. On…
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The Fish-Poo Innovation Model

Backyard Aquaponics is a Queensland company that combines aquaculture and hydroponics in a way that each not only cancels out the negative aspects of the other, but actually uses it as nourishment. The fish tank and gravel veggie bed are linked: the fish-poo water gets used to feed the plants, which in turn clean and…
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